1. Who is a member?  A member is someone who has a faith-based ministry, business or nonprofit, speaker, singer/musician, author, etc… a  women who would like to help grow God’s kingdom. Someone who wants to have a global influence and partner with us and other women.
    2. How can I become a member? Email us for more information. It’s a simple application process and a small fee.
    3. What are the Member Benefits?
    4. How do I know what my gifts, strengths and purpose are? We use simple tools to help you discover and define your gifts and have opportunities and options to work with a coach. We also offer classes specific to this topic. Email us to find out more. 
    5. I would like to learn more about Volunteer Opportunities?  We will highlight opportunities to volunteer locally, nationally and globally check our Event page, directory, and announcements for these opportunities local to your community.
    6. Have a gift you’d like to share and be a part of our YFJ Movement and serve on our board/committees? Learn more! 
    7. I would like to be a part of the YFJ Team? Join our Team – We’re growing! Submit a request to join our team
    8. Other questions? Contact us
    9. We want to pray for you! Submit a Prayer Request.